Friday, August 1, 2014

Not Just Another Mommy Blog........

Yes maybe a little bit. ;) 

Okay maybe mostly. 

My life isn't the worst ever. There are many days when I feel as if it is but I realize (thanks to many other blogging mommies) that I am not the only one with wild crazy kids who don't always do what you want or behave the way you wish they would or give you the peace you desire so badly. And I'm not the only one to be proud of their kids for their accomplishments or to sympathize with their ever growing difficulties in the life they are facing.

I am proud to be the momma of 5 crazy insane kids. Even the times when I am fit to be tied and think I am absolutely without a doubt losing my damn mind I love them beyond measure. There isn't one thing in this world I wouldn't do for them. But sometimes I don't like them. I will always love them but I don't always have to like them. And believe me the feeling is mutual as I've been told "I hate you" a few times. Not that I'm proud of that fact but it is just that..fact. But hey if your kids don't hate you at some point in their childhood then you aren't doing your job. In that I mean to say that you cant be your child's best friend. Sometimes...most times you just have to be the bad guy, the disciplinarian. 

So now that I've told you that I do in fact love my kids with every fiber of my being this blog is for me to vent about the frustrations and craziness of having a houseful of very different very stubborn (cant imagine where they get that from) children. And yes I will throw some proud moments, some accomplishments, some happy times etc into the mix. But If I am to avoid the inevitable padded cell that is awaiting me I need to get this shit out of my system. Don't get me wrong I have a very awesome partner but he is just not the kind of guy to sit and listen well, especially when I start ranting .... which is.... well always. But when you are with your very attention demanding children 24/7 you rant...... A LOT! 

I know I'm not the only one. 
Good night for now.